... help b/c she only always tests my TSH only and since it is normal that is it. So my question is this: can you have a TSH within normal limits (0.5 - 1.0) but still be hypothryoid? Can nodules in the thyroid cause the higher TSH but still be hypothyroid?? I have 3 known nodules all under 1cm, TSH is always around 0.7 and my thyroid is slightly enlarged. The last endo I saw said I didn't need ultrasounds on it regularly anymore and they also only looked at TSH. I don't have insurance so I can't afford to go to another doctor at this time or I would. But while I am saving up money for that, I was just wondering why I have all the symptoms of hypo, yet my TSH is always on the high end of normal. Also note that I have and 4 pregnancies and in my 3rd pregnancy I was hyper the first 2 trimesters but it normalized during the 3rd trimester. My 10 year old daughter also has been exibiting the signs of hypothyroidism as well. THanks for any comments