I have not been put on any medication yet (I am going at the end of this week for that), but I have not been able to loose weight for months. I am overweight already and from what I read synthroid makes you gain weight and that is NOT what i want or need. Is there any medicine out there theat helps with thryroid disfunction but doesn't make you gain weight?

I am 23 and I was diagnosed because I was having a hard time swallowing (my thyroid is enlarged due to its malfunction)
tired feeling
brittle nails
I can't think what else (damn fogginess) but i do have several other symptoms

They did a blood test and I am just barely out of the highnormal range but since my throid is already enlarged (they did a ultrasound) and I already feel bad they don't want to let it get worse.

I am very overweight and I have been working out (and sticking to it) but its discouraging because i can't seem to loose weight or if I do, it comes right back on. I watch what I eat too. The doctor said that is part of the condition but from what I read all the thryoid medicines make you gain weight. I don't think I could handle gaining weight lol.

Any advice is appreciated