... due to the largest nodule miraculously disappearing in 2 months. I was told that this happens, but having known about this nodule for nearly 7 years and it disappearing was astonishing to say the least. I prayed it away, and now I am left with an enlarged thyroid that is large enough that I feel slight pressure in my neck. I am in limbo now with a multinodule goiter that I have been told probably is not cancer. Evidently I have tissue and other evidence of my goiter changing, but several Doctors have said they believe it is not cancerous for several reasons. I was scheduled to have thyroid removed from an over zealous Dr. 4 months ago, but due to a medical situation with doc I have since been switched to a Dr. who specializes in cancer at Stanford. I feel more comfortable with this new Dr., but I am left to decide to remove this monster in my neck and be on drugs for the rest of my life, or keep it in. The keep in means possibly later in life it will have to come out if it continues to grow. The past two years it took off in growth. I am worried about other members experiences of not being properly balanced and gaining weight. I recently lost 65 lbs (diet and exercise) and I have hyperthyroidism. I am also a month shy of my 31st birthday. What would you do?