Why do the procedure when we plan to remove entire Thyroid? What can I expect with procedure?

My story thus far:

I have hyperthyroidism (level is .03), and discovered my thyroid had substantially grown and needed removal August 2013 (went to see ENT about something else and asked him about it). I had my surgery scheduled swiftly for Aug. 28th, it was canceled a week out because the surgeon-1 cut his hand. He passed me on to a more experienced surgeon-2 at Stanford (also person who taught him surgery). I am thankful for his unfortunate situation, my current surgeon-2 is less urgent in removing it, and wants to run more tests to rule cancer out (he happens to specialize in cancer and works out of cancer center). Surgeon-2 had a difference of opinion in may aspects of my care, from the size of cut to potentially keeping me sedated overnight due to swelling in area. Surgeon-2 even disagreed with the radiologist (diff. hospital) who reviewed my MRI that was ordered from Suregon-1. My thyroid is supposedly wrapping around my windpipe up to the right. Suregeon-2 thought it had not wrapped around yet, he is having his radiologist review it himself. The original surgeon told me he would not biopsy my thyroid because he is removing it, and that's basically pointless and would test it following the removal. Following an ultrasound test to rule out cancer, which surgeon-1 never did, Surgeon-2 ordered a biopsy because they found a second nodule on my right thyroid. The radiologist suggested that I get biopsy procedure. I just became aware of this 2nd nodule today, and my last ultrasound two years ago showed no signs of a 2nd nodule. Nor was I told about a 2nd nodule from Suregon-1 following my MRI.

My Questions/Concerns:

I was wondering should I take the day off from work? The nurse said I probably would need someone to drive me to appointment due to numbing meds. Did anyone drive themselves home, I have no one t

I read some of you opted out of pain meds, why would people opt for no pain medicine?

I have a high tolerance for pain , but thought of being repeatedly pocked with a needle in two places in my neck is unsettling. And some reviews have had it was extremely painful, while others thought it was a walk in the park. I guess the size and depth of thyroid may be the reason for the difference of opinions.

Also, if it were cancer, would pocking cancerous cells and exposing it to my neck area be the best thing to do? I feel like it would spread any cancerous cells to my neck.

I have to wait til next month for an appointment for my biopsy because they are booked up this month, and not scheduling for November until the last week of October.

So many ups and downs, I should have had surgery August 28th, but all things are on His time and I remain faithful that I will be fine.

Thanks in advance for your responses.