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Thyroid and depression?

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cetteferge 16 Feb 2012

Hi there - I'm not sure what your question is? If you have hypothyroid, your thyroid is not working up to capacity and you can definitely have some depression, as your metabolism is slower, as well as most other processes in your body. With hypothyroid, your digestion & elimination can be slower (i.e., constipation), you may gain weight, you may have very low energy & want to sleep a lot. There can be other symptoms, as well. If you have hyperthyroid, its just as it sounds, "hyper". The thyroid is working overtime, and metabolism is sped up. You may lose weight, as well as other symptoms. So, it would help if you added some details to your question. There are several conditions that result in either a hyper or hypo thyroid, so its important to know on which end of the spectrum you rest. Jillian free discount card

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