I have a large non-symtomatic, non-toxic, multinodular goiter. I had no idea until I had a cat scan done to my chest. I have no problems breathing, or swallowing. The goiter is not visible from looking at my neck. My thyroid is functioning normally. My endocrinologist says it needs to be removed because it is only going to get larger (this was from only 1 FNA - no growth rate established). In my opinion (no, I am not in the medical field) The USA does things backwards. There is a good chance to save my thyroid and possibly avoid lifelong hypothyroidism, or rather no-thyroidism, with rhTSH augmented radioiodine therapy - shrinking my goiter. A common alternative in Europe. Can I get this done in the United States?

One other question -Since rhTSA is not approved for this purpose by the FDA, is radioiodine therapy without rhTSA Used in the USA to reduce a goiter (I don't mean for the purpose of destroying the goiter)? -Without the rhTSA augmentation, the effect would be that my goiter reduction is less but I would have a better chance at never developing hypothyroidism.