I'm currently 13 days free of sertraline. I was almost off it 2months ago after tapering down slowly (over years) and had been fine with no withdrawals at all. Then I had an anxiety attack out of nowhere and my gp told me to go back to 50mg a day even though I was down to taking just 25mg every 3-4 days. I tried this but side effects were so bad and ended up making me have dark thoughts which scared me. I tapered down over 6weeks and stopped them. I'm now feeling quite funny in my head, like I'm daydreaming, little bit of dizziness aswell. Also had knot in my stomach all day today with a bit of anxiety and not much appetite which was getting better. Main thing is I can't sleep properly. Just light sleep on and off all night. I've been taking fish oil and st johns wort for 4 days to try and help. Has anybody else had these symtoms after stopping? Ive read they can last a few weeks but im due back at work in a few days after almost 2months off already. To add my gp did try and prescribe me another ad but didn't take any as don't want to go through hell again. I don't think my brain needs serotonin just somethi g for mild anxiety which us why I'm trying the st johns wort. Sorry for the long question but can't find any real answers anywhere. Xx