I'm pretty scared. I’ve taken an average of 3 Concertas (54MG) a day for the past 6 days. My script is for one a day. I was on Vyvanse previously, and Desoxyn for a brief time, and wasn’t able to take either of them as prescribed either.

I ran out of Vyvanse about 3 weeks ago, and (of course) was planning to be done with all of this stuff. I had taken 30 70MG capsules in about 12 days. I felt SO low for the following 2 weeks that I decided to tell the doctor the Vyvanse wasn’t working—that it was leaving me high and dry after about 5 hours (which was true). This enabled me to propose Concerta.

Again, I’m scared. I’m 18 pills into my 30-pill Concerta script after six days.

A little more info: Last year I went for 8 or 9 months without ADHD meds. It was freaking awful. Horrible depression. Neither my brain nor body bounced back like I’d hoped. At some point I realized there might not be much to bounce back to. After all, I was depressed before I ever took an ADHD med, which I first did 5 years ago. Obviously being depressed is at least partly why I latched onto them so fiercely.

I believe my main issues are anxiety and depression—not ADHD. But a doctor gave me an ADHD diagnosis (well, ADD to be precise), and a script for Vyvanse, and I found a med I’d been looking for all my life. Not that it was his fault. It was mine; I was 34 years old at the time and should have been more careful.