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I take one thousand mil tablet in the morning and five hundred mil tablet every night for type 2 di?

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kaismama 21 Sep 2013

What is the name of the medication?

sallie crews 24 Sep 2013

from sallie crews again; I"m sorry that I forgot to mention that it is Metformin tablets. Also does this medication cause weight loss, as I have also lost about ten lbs since starting this medication. Since I am 238LBS now this doesn"t hurt my feelings one bit. My doctor has ordered lab work done on me in Oct such as;Basic Metab Profile,,Lipid Function Test (LFT),, TSH,, Microalbumin urin. My meds (besides Metformin) are;Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg every morning,, enalapril 40 mg every morning,, labetol 200mg every 12 hours,, 81 mg low dose aspirin one every morning,, odorless garlic 1000 two every night, and this is all. lPlease respond back to me. I am 64 yrs old and a white female. Sincerely, sallie crews.

ang1049 22 Sep 2013

What is it Metformin? And what is the question? Not enough information. free discount card

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