I need opinions please. Let me provide a quick recap on my Lexapro journey. I have been on Lexapro 3 times in the last 8 years. Never on it longer for than a year. .05mg has always been the successful dosage to work for me.

I started taking Lexapro again due to divorce and other rough things. And today is day 3 on it. Every time I have started Lexapro in the past the first week or so was rough! I felt worse than what I did before I started Lexapro . I got increased anxiety,nausea, insomnia maybe just for one day. The increased anxiety is what bothered me the most but I always stuck it out and took clonazepam as needed to provide relief. Eventually those side effects subsided.

So now with Lexapro this 4th time around I was nervous to start it because I already knew what side effects I would deal with. But this time side effects are reduced! My anxiety did not increase, the nausea is not too bad. No insomnia. Mostly i get a bit dizzy and drowsy. Feeling like a zombie sometimes. But I take a nap and all that goes away. If anything I'm feeling more like myself. Of course not 100%.

Is this normal? I feel my anxiety has lessened since starting Lexapro. I have people telling me to take it day by day and to be happy the side effects are reduced. Could my body just be tolerating it better this time around? Every time I start Lexapro I'm always concerned if it will work successfully like before. My dr said it should since it has worked before and since I didn't take it long term. He said it most likely will stop working for people who take it continuously for years and for some reason the med stops working.