I thought I would update you on the MRI experience that I had last Monday, with me having a pacemaker, the MRI was ok but it was a very long time to be in the machine where they looked at the brain and then the whole spine back to back . In fact I pressed the emergency button for the very first time, because towards the end of the MRI when they were doing my spine I made the mistake of opening my eyes and had a bit of an anxiety attack.
They stopped the MRI and they checked my pacemaker to make sure nothing had happened to it during the MRI, I was told that there was a small risk of the wires would move and went home shortly after. With the migraine being a lot worse then when I had started.
The results of the MRI, they saw on the spine at C3 level where I had the major lesion that there was still a small old spot and because I couldn't do the rest of the spine they only got to T2 level, we don't know if anything would of shown for the discomfort I have in the lower end of the spine. The research study people got the info they needed from my MRI results, so at least I didn't mess that up.
The brain MRI showed I had 2 new spots at the base of the brain, and the Dr I saw the following morning is a pain specialist not a Neurologist so I was just grateful that he could talk me through the results because he knows I would worry otherwise. So has anyone been told they have these spots shown in the base of the brain too, I would be interested in hearing what you were told they were and what it means.
I have finally found and met a new internal medicine doctor that I have waited a very long time looking for, and this doctor gave me a breath of fresh air and hope to hang onto. After the appointment which started at 1pm and I came away from his office nearly 3 hours later, and this was not because he was seeing other patients it was because we had so much to cover I never thought for a moment he would take this amount of time on our first visit. He listened very carefully and he really took the time and seemed genuine in wanting to help.
He encouraged me to give him a try and told me it was time to break away from my PCP that I have had for the past 18 months and has caused nothing but frustration each time I see her. He wants to help me move forward in the right direction and help as much as he can.
This is what I meant by a breath of fresh air I desperately needed, and he agreed with a few of my other Dr's that I needed a new PCP Dr who could spend the time really working to get my situation under some real control. He is a private Dr, and he said I will soon learn this will go in my favor because his office will not have the red tape of a big organization would have, but time will tell if this was a good move or not.
I am relieved that finally someone had really listened and agreed with me that things have to change if I have any chance of getting to a point where I can enjoy my life again. The Migraines are still very tough and I am getting very tired of having to be an inpatient for them, I am going back to Seattle to meet with another Dr who this time does specialize in Chronic headaches, but this appointment isn't until April which will be the first opening she has for a new patient. My Dr's are trying to bring that appointment forward, because we all don't want me spending so much time here at the hospital which is stopping me from doing the things I want to do.
Well I hope this has answered some of your questions about how I am doing, sorry I haven't been much help to others whilst this has been going on. But I will try and do what I can in the less chronic pain moments, take care everyone and hope you all have a peaceful Christmas and a very happy New Year to you all. Liz.