I know how much you people in this group helped me and so I come back to you, thought my issue is not really medical.

As you may recall, I have been suffering from major depression for years. It was extremely difficult particularly having to deal with my very difficult to deal with school. I drops semesters, I failed classes and ended up spending two extra year more than other student need to graduate.

Only two days ago, I was planning my next stage of life, thinking I have finished the long and brutal and harsh and miserable battle here. Yes it is, I had to deal with very harsh professors that are dictators, with homophobia on daily basis and with the fact I have different religious and political beliefs, that is here in Jordan, Middle East.

I was planning my trip to Europe, doing all the contacts, setting up my resume and portfolio. And searching for jobs. When everything seems to fall apart.

I checked my grades to find I failed one course out of only two courses I did this semester in order to graduate, knowing that this course is elective course. The other was my graduation project.

All what I see now is black. I don't know how I will face my parents. I don't want to stay one more day here, I am really tired of life here. I already spent too much time. I need to work and relief my parents from such burden.

My chest is hurting and it feels like a brick atop of it. I want to run away, I just don't want to bring one more bad news to my parents. GOD help me in this.
If I don't have parents who love me, I would go and put an end to my life.

It never ends...