i have herniated disc with mild to moderate spinal cord compression.has been there for at least 1 and a half yrs. symptoms over past 3 weeks intense. pain in kidney area around ribs,chest area, abdomen. severe most of time. had mri last friday. see pain dr next mon. dont know what he will say (probably that it doesnt look bad) thats what i get for answer all the time while i am in terrible pain. anyway, last yr i saw 2 surgeons. 1st said he would have to go thru chest,crack open ribs drop lung. 2nd said he could go thru side,take out pc of rib. both said i did not have enough symptoms so wait and see if it shrinks. so now about 1 yr later i am symptomatic. has anyone had this? or any thoughts if i should do it if drs. suggest? feels like i have a knife in my back.