Can someone please give me Thomas' recipe or whatever the correct name for it is - the opitate withdrawal cocktail to help ease the hell? I will go into withdrawal in aobut 9 hrs and have been out of town - which is why I'm over on my pills, but who really cares why, I only have 3 perc 10's left and don't get a refill until the 14th - so I'm screwed. They are undermedicating me at this pain clinic and I don't know what to do. So, all I know to do is just to go through the withdrawal.
Also, I do have a steroid pack and I was thinking that it might help with the withdrawal. Does anyone out there have any idea if this with help me or can someone just give me your thoughts about it even if you don't really know? I would appreciate any answers.
I am so sick of going through this. I'm debating getting off this stuff. I either want to be properly medicated, or I don't want the meds at all. I can't deal with the anxiety of running out of meds every single day of my life. It is no way to live. It is ruining my life, but so is this chronic pain. So, which is the lesser of the two evils? The pain or the anxiety of running out of meds and having to go through withdrawal? I do have the option of getting on suboxone, but am scared to get on that. Anybody have any advice on all of this... encouraging words?