My gyn put me on this in Feb, prior to that I'd been on Yasmin for several years, and for what seems like forever - I'd say at least 8+ years - I've always taken my birth control such that I only got my period about once every 3 months by taking like 3 packs straight and skipping the off week. I was actually advised by my gyn to do so (and I certainly wasn't complaining - periods suck!) But after doing that for so many years, my body got pretty sensitive and even if it hadn't been ~3 months, if I accidentally forgot a pill or even sometimes took it in the afternoon instead of at like 6 a.m. like most days of the week, my period would come, there was no stopping it. But since I've been on the Loestrin, which she (my gyn) told me to keep taking the same way - 3 packs in a row, skipping the off days. Difference with this one is I guess it's a lower dose of hormones or something and instead of there being 7 days of placebo pills during which you're supposed to get your period, there's only 4, so you're supposed to have shorter and lighter periods. Problem is, I'm having NO periods. This last time I tried to get my period, it just didn't come and didn't come and didn't come, and I didn't take a pill for about 2 weeks waiting and trying to get a period. I have a friend who's on the same BC, she has been for longer than I have and says she doesn't get her period at all anymore and I shouldn't worry about it. I'm definitely not pregnant (not possible - unless it's a miraculous conception thing... ) and it's not like I necessarily want my period, but it just seems like you're supposed to have it at least sometimes, right? I haven't had a period since January!
I'm only 30, it's not like I'm menopausal or anything. And I've been really stressed and depressed lately (which could be due to the fact that I'm unemployed and my life feels pretty much like a pile of crap lately) but I can't help but wonder if it has anything to do with the period situation. Also, I'm just wondering if this is normal or safe or if there could be something going wrong in my body . . . The first time or two I tried to get a period since starting this med, I called and talked to a nurse at the gyn's office and they kept saying it was nothing to worry about, so I haven't called yet this time, don't want to seem like a hypochondriac or nut job or anything.
If anyone has any info or advice, it would be much appreciated and thank you in advance!!