cal, keep your finger on the pulse of govt. Medi-cal coverage for methadone treatment IS GOING TO BE CUT. It's inevitable. As no other insurance covers it (yet... Obama may have the last say) and the clinics can't possibly stay afloat on cash paying clients only, forced rapid detox will be the course of action.
In my opinion--and its just my opinion-- it's in most everyones best interest to detox as quickly as is comfortably possible. The Governator is a lame duck, but the new Admin. is going to want to kick the clinics to the curb.
Blessing in disguise for some of us: we want off. We know methadone is slowly sedating us to death. It's death by slow boil. Remember, a pickle was once a cucumber, but it won't ever be one again. While detoxing is still in our hands to do at a comfortable pace, let's do it!!! BTW, I'm off completely
by this Friday. I started at 96 and finally got tired of the clinic not expediting my total abstinence, so I took it into my own hands. I went from 35mg at TDay to 0 by this Friday... that's just a little over a month. The w.ds were NOTHING like the horror stories that kept me afraid to taper faster over the last six years. I'm so happy. Some joint pain, some isomnia, some emotional irritability--- that's called Life.

Thanks to everyone for their support. We owe it to ourselves to acquire recovery tools and to wield them expertly. This site is one of those tools.

In the Living Light,