my friend who talked me into doing it injected it for me IN MY TRICEP!!!
it seemed fine at first, but 6 or 7 hours later my lower half of my bicep began to swell. warm to the touch and pinkish/red. the next morning my arm was swollen from the middle of my bicep to the middle of my forearm. i went to the hospital they gave me a antibiotic "sulfameth" by the 72 hour mark my swelling was gone. but now its been 5 days and i look like i have a lite sunburn on my chest/back/face/upper arms. and i feel nauseated and almost feel like vomiting once in awhile. don't seem to have a appetite either. i felt nausea on the night of my injection but that was it till today the 5th day. should i trust this doctor? the antibiotics say stay out of prolonged sunlight but i didnt read that and i was at the beach for 3 hours yesterday