... plays a big part in this. OK this may be long but i have to put details so i can try and get the best answer. I was addicted to percocet for 2 years and so was my fiance, currently we are almost 6 months sober I am suboxone and he went cold turkey. So basically the pills caused so many problems first i want to say we are an amazing couple we do have good chemistry and we did get along good and we truly loved one another it was the pills that screwed us up. As time went by everything was fine as the stress built and the money was gone things began getting rough between us and while we were still abusing the pills and we were trying to stop and couldnt we began to fight almost every single night about everything. So at this point the pills changed us, my fiance would always try to talk to me if we had a fight and at that point he was just numb, he cared but he didnt act like it, he didnt want to talk about anything no matter how hard i tried, he would only talk about it the next day or two but he
immediately would revert right back to being cold and numb. And slowly i became filled with rage, the percocet made me act like a nasty bitch, sorry for the language but its the best way to describe it and when we would fight he would ignore me and i would keep going i would try to work it out get frustrated and say a lot of mean things i shouldnt have said. And this just continued to get worse, and then our sex life just went down the drain, he could barely keep an erection and then it became that he couldnt even get one so in the beginning i was convinced it was me that he just didnt want me anymore and it hurt me and from asking him this it hurt him too and it basically killed his whole ego, and he knew it was the pills and he tried to explain but i was so messed up in my head i just couldnt beleive or understand it. So things just continued to get worse and then we finally stopped.But my this time my fiance was just beat down and honestly a little depressed, on top of this whole addiction he is alone in this country I am all he has and my family and its like me being the one person he really has he couldnt even get along with. It was a lot of emotional pain from so many different angles. Now i do have to admit some stuff has gotten better but not like i expected, i mean i know that everything is not going to go right back to normal a month after you stop but almost 6 months later and the most important things havent changed yet. Right now we are still fighting not nearly as much but more than we should be and we are fighting over basically the same thing. The way i feel is that he still acts a little numb sometimes and he ignores me sometimes its like he is still exhibiting the behavior he had when we were taking percocets, and i tend to say things i shouldnt, from my point of view i feel like were reacting off of eachother, its like the same exact cycle we argue i try to talk he ignores and i get really mad. We have both talked and we do realize this happened from the pills and when we do this we also both realize what we are doing and that were doing the same behavior we did during the addiction. Its just we really love eachother and want to be together but i just dont know what to do anymore and i feel sad a lot because i just want that person he used to be back, i just dont know if i am trying to fix something that cant be fixed i mean maybe we ruined something that was good because of drugs. Also am i over thinking it i mean could the suboxone be causing me to feel sad, i mean i know he doesnt act 100%right but maybe im making it worse because i am not technicallly 100% off of opiates because of the suboxone or maybe we just need more time maybe 6 months is not enough to go totally back to normal. If anyone can give me advice please help me especially if you have been through something like this where a substance did damage too your relationship