... without warning. This situation is so difficult for me and yet while I have asked 3 competent GYNs, none have had an answer for me. It can happen at any time and when it happens when I'm just talking or walking with someone, I just want to die inside. I can't control it because I have no warning. I don't take gas remedies such as charcoal and gas-x on a regular basis but only when I have some indication that there might be trouble ahead. (I just feel that some reading this post will be laughing... and to me, raised in another era, it's unbelievable to me that I have this "curse") I accept and put up with all the other aging issues - arthritis, the loosening skin, changing sight, disc problems etc... but I am still working, still interacting with business associates, friends and friends of my children so when this happens, I just want to disappear. I'm willing to take any medication - natural or not - on a regular basis if it would work for the entire day. I'm willing to try to change my eating habits but I don't eat that much during the work day as it is... perhaps an apple, a power bar , pretzels etc. Please, does anyone have any suggestions?