... Lorazepam; took my last one on Christmas Eve. I was prescribed Suboxone at the maintenance dose (32 mg/day) which was way too much for me--made my heart race, etc. My doctor had her office manager call and that was ALL the medical support I was shown. This doctor did not return my phone calls, begging her to all me until 6 weeks after the acute phase of withdrawal!! Needless to say, she is fired. I cannot find a general practitioner in my area who knows about suboxone, so I have no doctor now. I have cut the 2 mg sublingual film strips down to 1/16 (or .5 mg)--so tiny I have to apply it under my tongue with tweezers. I still find that 24 hours after this, I am starting to feel bee-yotchy, and my heart starts to pound. I fell on icy porch steps yesterday and managed to get to an AA meeting instead of an ER, thank you HP. Took 2 Naproxin and sat with a heating pad for as long as I could stand it. Finally broke down and took .5 mg of Suboxone. My questions: 1) Have I accumulated this substance in spite of the low dose, and 2) what am I in for as far as intensity of discomfort and for what length of time are we talking about withdrawal lasting? Sorry for the long drawn out question. Just wanted to get it all out with one shout. Thank you everyone. Enjoy your day, and thank your HP if you didn't take a drink or a drug