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This drug was perscribed to me to help me sleep is that also a use for this drug?

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mitjason 13 Jan 2010

This drug is an antidepressant that is used off label for people who have a hard time sleeping. It's called a tricyclic antidepressants. It is often used for people with eating disorders as well as people with severe chronic pain. Here is a website with more information concerning the matter. I hope this helps!

ceajay99 12 Mar 2010

i have been on zoloft 50mg for almost two months and at first it conked me out to the point of sleeping like the dead then after about 4-5 wks after starting zoloft i found i didnt sleep well at all (i take it at night before bed) i was taking unisom and told my doctor this He said not to take unisom or generic of it every night as it can cause bladder retention etc so i requested Restoril as i had taken it before with good results but He rx'ed me Elavil which i had never taken. It did indeed conk me out and i slept all night but had horrible anxiety the next day (He gave me 50mg Elavil which after first night i cut in half) Even at 25mg i had intense anxiety the following morning and into the day. His reason for not prescribing Restoril was its not supposed to be taken with Xanax (i have rx for 30 1mg Xanax a month) I quarter them for quantity control and when i DO have a sleeping aid that actually helps me sleep i dont take xanax at night. I stopped the Elavil after 5 tries because the after effect of tense anxiety was not worth the sleep i was getting from this drug. I told my doc all of this and he finally rx'ed Restoril since i told him i dont take it WITH xanax at night and no more morning (and all day!) anxiety. Good luck and i hope this helps a little free discount card

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