can anyone give me some advice ?i went to my pain management doctor today when my blood pressure was taken last month it was high 1st reading was 200 over 101 ... to day it was like 175 over 99.My pm doctor is really scaring me she says im in the range for a stroke ... that really has me so worried ..i dont wanna die ..not yet anyway. i am taking only 15 mg of lisonpril my doctor said i need to be on at least 40 mg an also a second blood pressure medicine does anyone know what 2nd blood pressure medicine will work wit lisonpril an how do i keep my blood pressure down ... i am really scared... i do live under alot of stress ... but right now i dont have any choice living in this stress.if i did i would be out.i dont eat unhealthy i just dont know what to do ... really scared... linda