The first time I went on Suboxone at the beginning of 2011 my doctor gave me Gabapentin so I could get off my Valium and not have to worry about seizures.

I'd like to go on it again. I think with that and the atarax I am taking, hoping my sleep will keep from being disturbed.
Because I am on Valium my doctor (understandably so) will not allow me more than two 'carry's' on the Suboxone.
I'd like to get to a point when I get a full week of Suboxone at home. Up here in Canada that is the most you can get at one time. I have heard many of you in the States get a month's supply at a time. Since Suboxone has only been made available in Canada since 2007, I guess we have a long time before we'd ever get a months supply.
from what I hear, here on this board, Suboxone is being taken off the market or at least difficult to get as they are substituting it with a generic brand?
Don't know what's happening here in regards to that.
Does anyone have personal experience with Gabapentin?