Okay so I take minocycline regularly for my skin, so that is what is making me think I have a yeast infection. I'm also on birth control. These are not something I get all the time, I think I've had maybe 2 others my entire life, and I'm 31. So it started last Monday so I've been dealing with this over a week now. It started with being really itchy, and a white discharge, the itch was probably the worst thing about it, so I went and got monistat 3 and used that. It seemed to help the itching, but after I used this the discharge turned from white to yellow. It doesn't have a smell to it really, if I had to say, I would say it smelled a bit metallic. BUT not very smelly at all, nothing I would notice if I didn't purposely smell it. I'm getting worried because I should be on my period this week, and I haven't gotten it yet. I made appointments with my doctors and he prescribed my diflucan until I can get in, but unless I see a professional I don't really know if that's what it even is, so I took one last night. My symptoms really slowed down a couple days ago I just have this yellow discharge that wont slow down, and I'm wondering if I should go to an urgent care or the hospital where I can actually be seen by someone. I just don't know what to do, because I'm not familiar with this kind of thing at all. I'm in a monogamous relationship and have been for, it will be 13 years this year. Also, i have had no pain, no stomach pain, no fever or anything like that with this. Really no ill feeling except for this irritating discharge and the stupid pads i have to wear for it. Any help would be appreciated.