After taking my pill at the usual time Sunday morning (day 8 of my pack) I threw up about 20 minutes later. My boyfriend and I had sex Saturday (without a condom), but just as every day earlier that week I took my birth control that morning. I spoke to a pharmacist and she said just to continue with my pack the following day and I shouldn't need to take Plan B because I would be protected up to the point I was ill. We have used condoms every time for the remainder of this pack. My concern though is I have had some nausea the past week and a half. Yesterday was my last active pill and I had some cramping typical to what I experience right before I get my period. Today is my first inactive pill day and I don't have any nausea so far, but also no cramping today. Could the nausea have just been related to the balance of hormones being potentially messed up from throwing up that Sunday, or is there a good chance that I could be pregnant?