... brand the pharmacy gives me) for 5 years or so. I also take medication for depression and mood swings, but I started those medications a couple years before the birth control. I love not having a period every month but in the last 18 months 2 of my periods have been extremely heavy and tons of big blood clots, it's been kind of scary. I go in every year for my yearly tests & nothing has been wrong. I came across an article recently about the horrible things people have experienced while on this birth control and I started researching and am worried. I have horrible mood swings, get irritated easily, have no sex drive, gained weight, been depressed & constantly want to sleep. I am wondering if these birth control pills have been making my previous issues 10 times worse. I am just curious if anyone else has experienced anything like this? I get aggravated with doctors because i have to see 3 different ones before they try & come up with what might be wrong. I don't know if I should see my psychologist or gyno or what to do. I just want to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this and what you did