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I think my paxil 40mgs isn't working and was considering going on effexor what do you think?

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kaismama 8 Jul 2013

You need to ask your dr about it. If paxil isn't working you do need a change, but the dr will decide what that is with your input.

tursh 9 Jul 2013

I am tired on effexor but everyone reacts different. Usually when you begin effexor it is a wakeful medication but then it makes you super tired. My cousin and I had that reaction but it could be a family thing. I took Paxil when I had post pardom depression and it made me awake. I thought I was all better and quit taking it, cold turkey. If you do stop taking Paxil, don't stop right away, ask your doc about the taper off plan. I was never so ill getting off a medication as I was from Paxil but it was my first anti-depressant and I didn't know you had to taper off of them unless Dr. tells you is okay. Good luck!

Pansy404 9 Jul 2013

different anti depressants react differently on people. What suits one person may not suit another.

You need to go to your doctor and discuss this. We cannot comment on what medication you should take.

I have been on Effexor 150mg 9 years and it is the best anti-depressant I have been on. I have no side effects except weight gain. Be warned, however, it is a very difficult medication to withdraw from.

jsr47 18 Jul 2013

Talk to your doctor, of course. I found Effexor XR to be very effective in combating my depression and anxiety. However, it can be a very hard drug to come off of. My current doctor said she would not have prescribed it to me, except that I was already on it when I moved to her practice. You might see if there are other alternatives with less severe withdrawal effects to try first.

As a side note, I experienced both hypertension and erectile dysfunction while on Effexor. Those are major reasons why I want to stop taking it. Not everyone experiences those effects, of course, but be aware they do occur. free discount card

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