I started my 1st pack of azurette on the 1st day of my period at 12a. I us ally have a 31 day cycle and it's been consistent with that pattern til now and it completely stopped at 5days. I noticed I had eggwhite cm like the next 2 days after my period ended by the 3rd day it was clear stretchy between my fingers like my normal ov time but I also had 2 days of clear brownish stretchy cm also which was weird with a little dark blood that dried in my undies but the stretchy brown was only when I wiped like 1-2 times the 2 days. I have been having a wet feeling also but cervix is open and soft. I have been have a very little amount of leukorrhea only around cervix should I be concerned with the thought of pregnancy or continue to my 3rd week of pills? Right now I'm on cd 13.