Basically it's a traumatic blow to the head. Actually, the way it happened is I was punched in the right eye. I lost vision in that eye for a week or so, all I could see was a yellowish color in my eye in the light. I was in jail at the time so I don't know what they gave me except for some Tylenol for the pain, but they also were treating me with Eye Drops of some sort. In the mean time it healed up pretty good, I saw a floater in that eye for a week or 2 after I could see, then I noticed my pupil was really big. This happened November 1st of 2013, it's now the 18th of September 2014 so I dunno if it's to late or what. Needless to say I have done the light test where I'm in a dark room and I look in a mirror and shine the light in the left eye first, see my pupil constrict, then to my right and it just stays still. If anyone could help me out and tell me what I can do, or if it's even what I think it is, that'd be a big help and a lot of time not wasted, thank you.