In the past few months my mom has become lethargic and nods off constantly. She also will talk with a "thick tongue" at times or slur her speech. I have asked her about why she does this and she will always blame it on not getting enough sleep the night before. Although she is an insomniac, I do not feel like this behavior is simply because she is sleepy. She has always had to take multiple prescriptions for multiple medical issues. It never seemed to become a problem until about a few months ago. She has started complaining of various things hurting such as her back (which she did break a bone in her lower back a few years ago after falling off a horse) or her foot which she has broken two or three times. When she complains of these things hurting she will normally go to the doctor to get pain meds which i know is normal but she never used to complain this much. She recently had surgery on her foot because of some shredded tendons. When the nurses were telling her what they were gonna prescribe for her pain after the surgery, my mom suggested specifically that they prescribe her hydrocodone because that is what really helped. She also drinks alcohol regularly. I feel like just between her drinking alcohol and taking her medications it is affecting her behavior and she thinks it is just because she is tired. I don't want to hurt her feelings by telling her what I think, but I also don't want her to keep doing this and it eventually become dangerous. What do i need to do?