Back in june i got into a fist fight with a couple of other people, this one guy struck me behind my left ear about 4-5 times. It left a tiny cut, a bump and pretty bad bruising behind my ear/along my hairline down the back of my neck. The bruising/wound has gone away, as it's now september, but there is still a pimple size bump behind my ear where i was stuck in the fight. Also, i've been having very bad pains in my head, usually occurring behind my ears, behind my eyes, in my forehead, and behind my head. The pains are like striking and it's unpredictable as to when they happen. Sometimes they leave me stunned for a moment, i get dizzy and my vision will go slightly blurry, when they are very intense i can feel my blood flowing faster and a throbbing through my head. It scares me so much to the point where i'm in tears. I've asked for a doctor appointment but the earliest i can get in is October. I feel like i've waited too long already to get it checked out, and was wondering if there's anybody out here who can tell me anything about what i have been feeling.