I have just started with pain management. I have degenerative disc disease at T11-12 and L5S1 on down. I was referred to pain management because I was taking OTC Aleeve to control my chronic pain and spending most of my time in bed, and ended up with bleeding ulcers in my stomach. So my ppc put me on oxycodone 5/325 1 pill every 4-6 hrs as needed and referred me to pain management. So at my second apt after getting 3 injections they gave me a script for 150 oxycodone 5/325 1-2 pills every 4-6hrs as needed. ( I should mention here that the weather in my area did a crazy drop in temp so now its freezing here all the time so my pain has actually got worse as the temp drops So I actually need the 2 pills now) So anyway my question is they told me to come back in 4wks for a med check/ new script and to re-evaluate my pain level. But my math says that there is no way at that dosage that 150 pills will last 4 wks. I am weary of pointing this out to the docs because I don't want to be seen as drug seeking, seeing as how I just started with them. Any suggestions? I can deal with just taking 1 pill every 4-6hrs and that should do me till my refiil, the question is should have to? Is it better to suck it up, so that I don't give off the wrong impression, and not piss off the dr who is helping me, by pointing out his mistake... idk... any advice would be helpful