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I think my daughter and I both may have BPD. Borderline personality disorder. We both show symptoins

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Inactive 17 Aug 2012

Hello toni8167. And your question, might be? appreciated pledge

toni8167 17 Aug 2012


Inactive 17 Aug 2012

Welcome. The poster below wanted to know the same thing. You simply never asked a question. I was not trying to be difficult. Have a great day.

Inactive 17 Aug 2012

What are your symptoms?

Click on the link for important information:

Take care,


toni8167 17 Aug 2012

The symptoms are everything i have read on, everything it has told me is all the symptoms we both are having and it goes on. Thanks for the link but i have been studying on it so i can go over it with my caregiver.

Inactive 17 Aug 2012

You are welcome.

Paige78 17 Aug 2012

Toni, you might want to start by seeing your MD who then can refer you to a psych/counselor that can give you a sure diagnosis. Good luck to you!

Delila 18 Aug 2012

Hi, i have BPD and i know it needs to be diagnosed by a psychiatrist. Mine saw me over several appointments before he was happy he had made the right diagnosis. I was originally diagnosed with Bipolar by a different psychiatrist, but the BPD diagnosis definitely makes more sense with my behaviour patterns. Talk to you doctor about it and maybe request a referral to see a psychiatrist if you are not seeing one already. free discount card

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