About a little over a month ago I flew to California and stayed there for a week, towards the end of my trip I got white stuff on my tonsils and a sore throat as if I was about to get step (I used to get strep a lot so it didnt worry me too much) whether it was strep or not, it never fully developed in to something. Then the week I got back, I started getting a runny nose and had body aches, then the next week, one night I was laying in bed and all the sudden started having trouble breathing and it hurt to take a deep breath, I started to have a panic attack and almost called an ambulance but my boyfriend was able to calm me down. The next day I decided to smoke a cigarette, only to find that it made my lungs worse. Over the next few days whenever I would start to feel a little better I would have a cigarette or a few, even though I knew I shouldnt have and I really wish I didnt. I started getting worse body aches, head aches, a slight fever, REALLY runny nose and cough. I then saw the doctor who prescribed amoxicillin, which would temporarily and almost never help my breathing and would dislodge a lot of mucus I had in my sinuses or my lungs, but not a lot came from my lungs. It was then about 7 days in to the antibiotic and wasnt feeling much better, so I went to go see her again , she then prescribed azithromycin, or the z-pack , and said she didnt hear anything in my lungs, but said that the z-pack would help clear things up. Im still having A LOT of post nasal drip. I didnt take the z-pack for a couple days because I read up on its side effects, but I finally caved in last night and took the first 500mg dose, thankfully with no side effects YET, Im still having lots of trouble breathing, my lungs hurt, mostly at the bottom, and Im scared my lungs might be like this forever, which Im sure they wont because at times of taking the amoxicillin my lungs opened up and almost felt like they were back to normal. I am also an 18 yr old female and have only been smoking for a couple years. Im so mad, I was totally fine before California, and now I can barely do anything because my lungs are so bad and I get tired so easily.