Okay so I'm 21 years old and I've been taking birth control for about 6 years now. Recently I messed up on my pill pack and I don't really know what happened. Last time I got my period was on 10/2/15 and lasted until 10/6/15 which is normal then I start my birth control on that next Wednesday. However on 10/22/15 I noticed I start to bleed and looked at my pack and I might have taken 2 in the same day one weekend but I'm really not sure. Now 10/22/15 that means I had 11 pink pills left (not the sugar pills) .. It's now 10/28/15 and I still am bleeding - not heavy but there's still blood - I have only 5 pills left before the sugar pills but ive been feelings very nauseous, cranky and crampy. I'm not sure if I should continue to take the pills or stop and give my body a rest for a month until I get my next period than start the pills again? I would really appreciate an answer help a girl out :-)