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Things you cannot mix with Buprnorphein?

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Inactive 20 Mar 2011

A patient on Bupenorphine ( subuxone, subutex, butrans patch) should NOT take any medication that is a respiratory depressant, such as any benzo, muscle relaxer or alcohol, unless the suboxone prescribing doctor okays this. If a patient who takes bupenorphine takes additional respiratory depressants, they can stop breathing. They should also not take any opiates or opoids, such as methadone, hydrocodone, oxycodone, or ultram. If a patient has to have surgery, even dental, they should advise the surgeon or dentist and the anesthesiologist in order to prevent complications, harm or even death.

LaurieShay 20 Mar 2011

Hey SissyTart,

Try this link to read a full list of medications that interact with buprenorphine:

Please note I only included buprenorphine by itself. If you are talking about Suboxone, it also contain naloxone which would change the interaction criteria.

If you would like to look at interactions for Suboxone go to:

Hope this helps,

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