I'm a 21 year old female that recently had slow motion convulsions outside my house and do not know the cause of it. I had just woken up roughly two hours before the convulsions from a nine hour nap. I was sitting on the patio in my back yard with my cousin wearing shorts and a tank top. Suddenly, I started sweating bad enough you could very easily tell from 8 feet away. At the same time, I felt nauseous and like I was going to either vomit or pass out from over heating. About five minutes later, I lost complete vision in both of my eyes. I was able to see perfectly fine one second and the next second it was almost as if someone had spray painted my eyes black or I had gone completely gone. Within a minute of losing my vision in both eyes, I could feel my body start to go into convulsions. I fell onto the patio without feeling the impact of the fall because of how bad the convulsions were controlling my muscles. I remained laying on my patio for what seemed like 5 or 10 minutes without being able to see anything and only feeling the convulsions. After 5 or 10 minutes, i sat up, with my vision being back to normal again, on the ground for a few seconds to readjust to my surroundings and went into my house and took another nap for 6 to 7 hours because I had been completely drained of energy by the convulsions. I talked to the same cousin the next day to find out what they had seen and they had told me that when i had gone into convulsions, it was almost like they started watching everything happen in slow motion because my convulsions were a lot slower than what they would expect. What could have possibly caused this to happen to me?