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they are talking about taking percocet and vicodin off the market. what would be the replacement?

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Robert_325 2 Jul 2009

Don't count on the drug companies laying down to that one. It won't happen.

The feds are screaming about the levels of acetaminophen. The tylenol is terrible for the liver. I agree with them on that one. People destroy their livers by exceeding recommended doses of RX pain meds containing acetaminophen.

The drug companies could lessen the amount of acetaminophen/apap in the pills and still produce a similar medication. They won't do away with this type of medication completely I don't believe. You're talking about too much money to eliminate the medications.

nanafonda 9 Jul 2009

I hope you are still helping people I need some courage I am on hour 30 and I feel horrid!!

nanafonda 9 Jul 2009

oh and there already is an alternative to lortabs it is called Opana it is pure hydrocodone, the crazy thing is that when I was on it I had headache and the doctor told me to take tylenol to get rid of the headaches lol.

need help bad 10 Jul 2009

I sure hope not as I count on my perc's as well as the oxycotin, which I have to take on a daily basis due to all my medical conditions. I really think a major problem is that too many people abuse them and it makes it harder for us poor souls that are really in need

motocrossman 5 Nov 2009

Opana is not hydrocodone it is oxymorphone a much stronger drug free discount card

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