I finally tried therapy. The First one was really nice, but she asked the same questions I've been trying to get answers for, I knew as much as she did. The I noticed another one that offered treatment procedures like EDMR. I did a summary which gave her idea why I was there, most major is being there for my aging parents, but depression is so bad I can't be. I worked hard to touch major issues, it was a decent summary from my heart.. However, she started blaming medication, I have chronic pain, she asked which was more important, my family or my drugs!!! It's taken me years to come to grips that without pain medication I cannot function and try push guilt down. How could she say that, if I wasn't in pain I'd be off these things years ago, I have been much more depressed since the visit! She apparently works close the psychiatrist I see and even questioned what he prescribed! She seems to know a lot, maybe she's right, but I don't have more money to go somewhere new. I am open for input, am I being to sensitive? Should I just tell her what she did by saying that?