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Is ther a long lasting pain pill like every 12 hrs?

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kaismama 1 Sep 2013

There are several. Oxycontin, MS contin, opana are 3 of them. There are also several patches that last one day up to 3 days.

Factfinder411 1 Sep 2013


angel1662 2 Sep 2013


nanimal 3 Sep 2013

Hi, I wanted to know if Elaxgo would work better for me than OXYCONTIN does. Did you by chance take oxy before the Elaxgo? See, I take 80mg of oxy with dilaudid for break thru pain. I know that the dilaudid and elaxgo are the same thing but I thought I would ask someone who might know! Thanks Nanimal

bnagoh 3 Sep 2013

I have taken over the years several but the ones I remember are opana which I am taking now and the fentanyl patch. After a time depending on the person with long term chronic pain, I get used to what I am taking and it seems less effective at controlling pain. So every several years for me I switch with my pain Doc what ever it is I am taking. I have been taking opana now and it seems to not work as good so I am due for a change. I have been with opana the longest so for me it seems to be really effective and yes these last 12 hours with the fentanyl patch lasting 3 days.

kaismama 3 Sep 2013

What you're describing is tolerance, its the normal physiological reaction to narcotics, and the dose needs to be increased. This should be known and treated accordingly by pain docs.

DzooBaby 3 Sep 2013

Yes, it is tolerance but rotation can help without an increase. Many pain docs use rotation to keep from having to up and up the medication doses. Just because someone is tolerant to a dose of say, morphine, doesnt mean he will be tolerant to the same equivalent dose of another opioid. This way the patient keeps their pain under control without having to take sky high doses of meds.

nanimal 3 Sep 2013

OXYCONTIN lasts 12 hours! But like all pain meds they are very addictive. I have taken them now for about 10yrs. Doctors are very careful when they prescribe this medication and alot of drs won't give it to you if you have had problems with over use of other pain meds. Just be honest with your dr and talk it over with your dr maybe it's what you need. I hope this helps! Nanimal

DzooBaby 3 Sep 2013

I never could get 12 hours from Oxycontin. The most I ever got was 6-8 hours.

nanimal 3 Sep 2013

Lol, yeah it seems that way but really, do any pain meds really get rid of all pain? Maybe its the way I take my oxy with my dilaudid that makes it seem like it lasts 12 hrs. I have been taking my 'cocktail' for the last 15 yrs and with just these 4 different meds, oxy 80mg, dilaudid 4mg, valium 10mg and 800mg Motrin i can get thru the day! Everyone is different, It took alot of figuring and switching meds I found what works for me. I hope this helps! Nanimal free discount card

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