I take 75 mg of Effexor XR (tried to get off of but withdrawal is HELL), 10mcg Synthroid, 35mg Prevacid, a multivitamin, calcium with vitamin D because I'm lactose intolerant, and 600 mg of fish oil daily. I've always had depression since the age of 15. I have mild OCD and used to have panic attacks. I suffer from anxiety and stress along w ADHD. I do not take meds for the ADHD because they were wrecking my joints to where I had trouble moving. I did take Vyvanse for 6 months and they were undoubtedly the best 6 months ever! I could think clearly, could remember things without 100 sticky notes, speak more confidently, finish sentences without stopping to think, I was happy! But, after it started effecting my body so badly, I stopped taking it. I went back to drinking coffee to help me concentrate and be calmer - before you criticize, remember caffeine has the opposite effect for those with ADHD. I've always had normal to low blood pressure and no other health issues. I just want to get off of the chemicals and find natural ways to help myself. I'm tired of being tired from stress and anxiety!! I've tried Xanax, Valium, they are habit forming so I won't do those. Who has advice for me? Positive or negative, I will take it. Will L-theanine help me???