I wanted to be supportive.I am recovering from addiction for many years and I was unfamiliar with this new drug. Until we got a lawyer and straightened out a mess that was not his fault,He was in jail for 8 days from August 1 - 9th and they do not provide subs.He said he had withdrawal and slept most of the time. He doesn't want to start it again and it's been a month and he says he is taking nothing. I tested him because I really did not believe this was possible and he tested for benzo (klonipin) which he had told me he had taken that night as he had to attend a funeral of a friend who committed suicide by jumping into the Grand Canyon .He is familiar w/recovery as he was in a good recovery for 3 years until he relapsed on oxy for about 5 months, panicked and went to subs where the Dr. put him on 16 mg. for 2 years.I tapered him down to 8mg. in the last 6 months, thanks to advise from Patti, Robert and everyone. I am starting to get very co-dependent - he works for us and I am worried that this cannot be possible - he acts normal and is working and seems fine but I am questioning him constantly and driving him crazy because I am so suspiscious and I don't have a reason except I can't beleive he could jump off at 8 mg. and be fine. Today he says he has diarhea and feels like he is in withdrawal. Could this happen after 28 days? Everything I haave read about suboxone tells me this is going to be bad but he will not go back on the suboxone-I just need to know if I am going to expect a very sick boy pretty soon. Thank you. htwooh