For the first 3 weeks they seemed to really help me. Now however, they don't seem to help as much already. i have a very high tolerance to pain medications. I was on methadone 160 mg. for 10 years. I stopped taking the methadone in 2007 and went on 150 mg of morphine for 3-4 years. Then it seemed the morphine quit working as well also. I ask my md when I went back for my appointment the other day, if I could go up on the amount of fentanyl he was giving me, but he said no. He said I was on one of the strongest medicines already and did not want to increase it so soon. He only gives me one 15 mg. roxi for break=thru pain a day. The only other medicines I am on for any type of pain relief is neurotin 800 mg 3 times a day. Does anyone have any suggestions for me. Is there any way to get the patch to work better for me? It is the brand watson. I am on disability and medicare pays for my medicines. Would the brand make any difference. I also told him it is not holding me for the 3 days, but he made no comment and did not let me take change it every 2 days like I have read some people's doctors have allowed them. Please provide any suggestions or comments!! I am really worried. I need this doctor and it took so long to find him that changing mds is not an option. Please help with any ideas!! Thank you all so much for all the help in the past. Everyone on this site is great and I feel very fortunate to have found this site. Bless each and everyone of you guys!