I have a question? The only recourse the doctors seem to have is to up your dose of oxycontin- How is that helping anyone.? If they made this change to save the junkies/abusers lives..What about those of us that take it correctly ?? How is doubling my dosage helping me? Its harder on my organs and obviously some of us are not digesting ok--The doctors were worried about my vomiting messing up my throat and stomach-How can increasing the dose do anything but further damage my insides? I dont get how the drug companies are so concerned about saving the abusers lives they are ok with the damage its doing to ours.I was taking the oxy -to not have to take a bunch of pills to manage my pain.They put all of us back to being in pain,having no life and sick ontop of everything.
Who are they really looking out for?- This is not about safety-The abusers will find other ways to tamper with and suit their needs or they will move on to something else.Then we are left paying the price,