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The new 10mg ox is mad like rubber, can't break them... what happened?

This question has also been asked and answered here: What's the difference between Oxycontin OC 40 and OP 40?

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Inactive 29 Sep 2010

You must have gotten the new oc they are now not suppose to be broken in half or they are useless they will not help you in any way i forgot how christine prescribed it but they are basically trash after being broken.

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flight007 29 Sep 2010

I mean do they not make theother ones anymore? I heard they didcontinue them.

Inactive 30 Sep 2010

I think they do but not in certain strengths like the oxy 80 cause they were so popularly abused.

LHammond 30 Sep 2010

My husband and I read everything we could find on the internet about the new Oxycontins. Purdue was trying to make them so they wouldn't work if you broke or crushed them, but they couldn't do it and get it to work. So now they have a substance in them that is an apoxy of some kind that will not let the abusers take the coating off and snort or inject them, but they will still work to some extent if you cut them in half, you aren't going to get the medication any faster that way because the apoxy is all the way through the pill. Atleast that's what I read on Purdue's web site. We both were on Oxycontin for years, but we had our doctor change our medication last month because we were afraid of the epoxy which is a type of plastic, in them.

christineATU 29 Sep 2010

There has been so much confusion over this new version of oxycontin. It can not be crushed, snorted, injected, abused. The OP (Oxycontin Purdue) active ingredients will be destroyed if try to abuse them. There are many rumors "out there" about if and who is still manufacturing "the regular oxycontin" medication. The best thing you can do is ask your pharmacist. The most knowledgeable ones regarding this medication will be the ones nearest to pain clinics and hospitals. You can also call Purdue Pharmaceuticals. FYI, there have been several deaths related to this new version of oxycontin. The irony of this is mind boggling... Manufacture a medication so it can't be abused which will save lives. But manufacture it in a way where it doesn't work fast enough, so people take more (thinking it isn't working) and die anyway. Purdue has a big problem on their hands over this new oxy. Please be careful with this medication.
My best wishes,

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Inactive 30 Sep 2010

Foreal purdue has a biggg problem on their hands! so many unsatisfied customers.

christineATU 30 Sep 2010

Well, when this finally hits the news, we can all say we have heard about this for months already. I sure wouldn't want to be the one answering the complaint line at Purdue! They've got to be going crazy with all the calls! Be safe my friend.

IhearttheOcean 30 Sep 2010

Do they say OP or OC on the pill? I thought for sure the 10s and the 20s were going to stay OC and that 40, 60, and 80 were going to be the new OP formula. But from what you are describing, it sounds like you have OP 10s. Let us know so we dont spread false information.

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christineATU 30 Sep 2010

That's what I thought too. What are your sources?

IhearttheOcean 30 Sep 2010

There isnt one in particular. I use many different resources. I spend a lot of time reading online about this stuff. Ive always been interested in medicine and the field as a whole. I probably should have went to school for it because I could be making really good money doing something that interests me. Im actually still considering trying to become a pharmacist but Im just not a school person so Idk if I could make it through all the years it requires. Either way, in the meantime, Ill keep reading anything I find lol.

IhearttheOcean 4 Oct 2010

I must correct myself on this. I must have been wrong because I saw a new OP 10mg Oxycontin in person today. So they in fact must have changed all the Oxycontin pills over to OP not just the 40mg and higher like I heard before. Sorry for any confusion free discount card

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