I have been engaged to a wonderful man for 3 years now, we have two toddlers running around here. He has been snorting pain pills and says it kicks in faster for his pain which I dont believe. Everyday that goes by he is off getting pain pills off the street and dont have a prescription at all. I am a stay at home mom while their father goes out and works to provide for us. I have been fighting this for a while now and dont know what to do. We do nothing but fight everyday all day long and our babies shouldnt have to be around this at all. Our relationship has went down hill big time. He will tell me that im the reason he is taking pills which is being snorted not taking by mouth.
I have tried threatning, by telling him that I am going to leave him if he does not get off the pills. I tried telling him to admit that he needs help, but he gets mad and starts cussing me that he doesnt need help that he has control over his body when he dont. Our relationship is nothing but a lie when it comes to his addiction. He hides it from me when I know what is going on. Ive tried being by his side but I dont know how much longer I can do this. I have also asked him what he was going to say when our babies walk in on him snorting and they ask what he is doing. We can never keep money in the house cause it go towards the drug oxy's, loratabs, roxy's, vicodin, etc... I love him to death and I try everything in my power to get him to stop. It doesnt work cause he will tell me he quit but he goes off for hours at a time and hides them in his truck, dresser, behind our bedroom tv, etc...
Please someone help me, Ive tried everything and I dont know what to do anymore. Our babies are too important to have a doped up father. I have never takin a pain pill cause im allergic to them and he seems to think he is the victim because he is supposedly in pain, but me and his are the victims. We are the ones that have to set around and listen to his mood swings and he wants to go to sleep alot. Our sexual relationship is basically nothing cause of the drugs he is taking.
I need some more advice and help cause I am losing it with his addiction.