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The doc put me on celexa when is the best time to take it ? morning or night?

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Psychmajor 10 Dec 2009

if your taking it once daily then definatly morning.

french330 10 Dec 2009


Psyched 10 Dec 2009

You can take celexa either am or pm. It does make some folks drowsy; if that happens and your doctor prescribed it for you in the am, then ask him/her to let you take it at night. Also, be aware that it does cause severe dry mouth so you'll want to keep some gum or hard candy on hand. Hope this helps!

dearne 10 Dec 2009

Hi I think if it does not make you drowsy, take it in the morning otherwise take it right before bed but I always take mine before bed, it gives me better sleep and therefore a better day! I hope I have been helpful. Regards dearne.

barbles2413 10 Dec 2009

Try taking it both ways that's I did everybody is different. I found that it was better for me at night. But not after trying both ways. You will find what's best for you. don't rely on anyone else . You will be the best to decide what is in your best unterest. I hope this is helpful. I know when it was recommended to me I was glad I did it. Good Luck and God Bless free discount card

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