For those of u who r aware of my ?s Heres what happend. I asked for percocet along with the low dose of methadone or to switch completely and his answer was NO! He said he thought percocet was not right for me and it was too addicting. What Sense Does That Make!!! Im on methadone for petes sake!So heres my new?. do i switch doctors? I have an appt with a gastro doc on monday but I am not sure its my gallbladder... Can I ask him to take it anyway?? If it is my gallbladder( er said it looked fine) I would rather just get it out and hope I feel better... I can take this anymore... Pain, sick and veryy tired and my pain doc WILL NOT change my med. Very hard to get into any doc where i am... I need a different pain med... Is there any thing else I can do?? I even tried the er and they r even more leary bout meds there... please tell me what to do... He gave me belladona alkaloids,,, no help... also on reglan for nausea,,, that helps... HELP!!