Thank you all so much for your answers and comments. I am just so lost right now... I cant take my pain med that was given cuz if i do im very ill.. more sick then i am w/o it. but if i dont,,then my pain is terrible! I c a gastro doc mon and i will let all of you know what he says. I am going to be honest with him and just beg him to take it. My sister had hers gone at 19 and my mom also was very young. maybe its not heredity but seems like it to me! I cant stand being sick anymore and it seems like theres no where to turn. Just a bunch of docs who think im fine because an ultrasound came up with nothing and docs who think im looking for drugs. To those who may think im nuts for asking a doc to take out a potentially "healthy" organ, I ask you to please put yourself in my shoes and those of others who can get no relief any other way.. again thank you and i was wondering if i could have someones email so i can talk to someone that way... my illness prevents me from doing much outside of home. my kids are 2yrs and 1yr and i can chat while they sleep!!! look forward to some addresses and wish me luck on monday!