Hello I got a modafinil-teva from pharmacy
a strange thing is there was not imprinting to identify
There was just 100 imprinting
And color was white and shape was oblong

Teva-modafinil 100mg
DIN 02420260

But other modafinils from other companies have imprinting like L223 or ETC

This drug is not from online, I bought from pharmacy which is in the dortor office where I got the prescription

Also I had once of another brand's modafinil and that's smelling was stronger than this drug(Teva)

And also strange thing is this drug can't be searched in google and even in Teva's site.

Really suspicious and I am suspecting even this could be fake drug.

Like by doctor's prescription for like placebo.

Can I identify this drug?

This shape is oblong and color is white and imprinting is only 100 on one side.